Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pictures of the day

Széchenyi Bath and Spa, Budapest 

The Széchenyi Bath and Spa was the first thermal baths on the Pest side of the capital (Budapest). The building was built in the Neo-baroque style. In 1913, the complex was converted into a permanent bath servicing the inhabitants of the city. Later on, the beach sites and the bathing departments were added for both ladies and gentlemen. During the Cold War, a group thermal section was added. In 1999, there was a complete reconstruction of the swimming pools as modern equipment was added to improve water filtering and circulation. 

The Széchenyi is the largest medicinal bath in Europe and is world famous. The bath's water is supplied by two thermal springs which have temperatures at 74 °C and 77 °C, respectively. The water at the bath is good for many joint illnesses, chronic inflammations as well as orthopaedic post-treatments. The Széchenyi Bath is very popular with both tourists and native Hungarians. It often receives excellent reviews from those who have experienced the bath. The bath can be found in the City Park in Pest. If you ever visit Budapest, make sure you enjoy the waters of the Széchenyi Bath.