Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anti-Hungarian documentary aired

This anti-Hungarian documentary aired on Canada's CBC television channel last Wednesday. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a left-wing media source. They receive almost one billion dollars in funding from the Canadian taxpayer which has angered many in the country. This is because the majority of the CBC's programs are left-wing in nature. The documentary is about the Roma plight from Hungary. I had an opportunity to watch it and I was very shocked at the misinformation and lopsidedness of it. If you are not Hungarian and you watched this piece, you'd probably believe every word of it. 

Clearly the makers of the documentary take the side of the "poor and oppressed" Roma. It does not even mention the attacks by Roma on ethnic Hungarians. In the last two decades, 2,000 ethnic Hungarians were killed by Roma community members in various crimes. Why did the documentary makers from the CBC mention this fact? Assaults and robberies perpetrated by the Roma community are not reported by the mainstream Hungarian media. Usually the news of such attacks are made known by word of mouth or by the internet amongst ethnic Hungarians.

The documentary goes on to mention that there is the growth of authoritarianism and that it is becoming less democratic in Hungary. Really? Where did that one come from? As I mentioned in many previous posts, this is a typical tactic that the left-wing mainstream media is using. They are using fear tactics to gain international support. There is no fascism in Hungary and it has been proven. The only thing that is real is the media's attempt to misinform the people of the world about the situation in Hungary.

The current Hungarian government is conservative and was elected by a majority of the voters in the last national election. The left-wing hates all that the conservatives stand for and will do anything in their power to discredit them. This includes lying and misinforming people in Hungary and around the world. 

According to Canadian immigration officials, 98 percent of Roma who leave Hungary because of "persecution" end up applying for refugee status in Canada. Even though they could apply in 27 other countries in Europe and the European Union, they all choose to apply in Canada. Roughly 85 percent of Roma refugee claims are rejected by Canadian immigration authorities. This is due to the fact that the Roma are unable to provide any documentation about the "attacks" that occurred on them by "extremists". Canada has now toughened up its once liberal immigration system. Due to the changes, it appears as if the Canadian "vacation" for the Roma will now be over.

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