Welcome to the Free Hungarian Voice blog. Dedicated to bringing you fresh views on the latest news and events in Hungary without the political correctness. We seek to be a popular alternative to the liberal-left media establishment. Be sure to check regularly as our writers, Istvan and Lidia each bring you an alternative view on current and old issues Hungarians face daily.

Our blog will focus on various political, historical, cultural and economic issues. With a right-of-centre viewpoint, we will provide a fresh outlook on these issues. At this time we would like to introduce our contributors:

Istvan – Born in the West, Istvan is a conservative writer and blogger. He has obtained a bachelor of arts (history & political science) and a postgraduate certificate in publishing. He has specialized in the history and politics of Eastern Europe. He is also a specialist on the Cold War, Soviet Union and communism. He is well versed on current Hungarian affairs.

Lidia – Born and raised in Hungary, Lidia is a former educator that worked as a teacher in the Hungarian school system during the 1970′s. She lived through both the Rakosi and Kadar eras in Hungary before moving to the West. She shares her personal experiences with communism and her thoughts on current Hungarian affairs.