Monday, June 18, 2012

New Horthy statue unveiled


This past weekend a new Horthy statue was unveiled in the village of  Csókakő in Fejér county, which is in western Hungary. Several nationalist and patriotic groups contributed to the statue being erected. Apparently, the statue was approved by the local village government. The statue was erected near the historic Csókakő castle. The village council also renamed "Bánya" square in their village to "Nagy-Magyarország", which means "Greater Hungary". 

The mayor and the village council decided to erect the statue and rename the the main square in honour of Horthy Miklós. The mayor of Csókakő, Gyorgy Furesz, said that they wanted to clarify Horthy's role in history by erecting the statue. He said that Horthy's message to the people was preserve the interests of the nation and the country in the most impossible situations.

More and more communities in Hungary are dedicating squares and statues in honour of Horthy. This in defiance of the Hungarian left-wing which is calling this recent Horthy revival as the "cult of Horthy". This is no surprise as the Hungarian left-wing are admirers of the brutal communist regime that lasted in Hungary for 40 years. They are also admirers of the communist dictators that executed and tortured innocent Hungarian citizens during this period. They blame Horthy for dragging Hungary into the Second World War which resulted in the destruction of the country and the loss of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Horthy was a conservative Hungarian nationalist and traditionalist. As much as the Hungarian left-wing says, Horthy was no fascist or Nazi. Horthy actually cracked down on Hungarian fascists and communists alike. Both fascist and communist leaders were arrested and put in prison by Horthy's government. It is a well-known fact that Horthy had Jewish family friends before the war and even after the war. While Horthy and his family were in exile in Portugal after the war, his Jewish friends supported him financially as he and his family lived on minimal income.

Horthy Miklós was the Regent of Hungary from 1920-1944

Horthy only wanted to restored the borders of the old Kingdom of Hungary. The only way of restoring the old borders or receiving some of the old territories back was to ally Hungary with the Axis powers. There was no other way to restore any of the losses back to Hungary. The hatred of Horthy by the Hungarian left continues until this very day. They despise a man who was a Hungarian patriot who wanted the best for his people and nation. The Hungarian left only need to look in the mirror at themselves and see that the extremists they admire where ten times worse than Horthy was.