Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hungarian news in English

Get the latest Hungarian news in English from Duna World. This channel is a 24-hour television channel. Duna World was launched on January 1st, 2012 with the mission of spreading Hungarian culture through up-to-date news, cultural and entertainment programs. Duna World will entertain and inform Hungarians inside and outside of Hungary. Duna World is run and owned by Duna Television which was established in 1992. This news segment is in the English language so that those who do not speak Hungarian can understand the latest news.


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Funny video: They're back!

A funny short video that was made just before the Hungarian general election last Sunday. It shows the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) returning as the "undead" to run in the election again. In Hungary, they (socialists) are referred to as the party that just won't go away. The socialist party used to the the communist party that ruled Hungary for most of the Cold War period.

Many of today's socialists were card-carrying communist party members and were enthusiastic supporters of the communist ideology. When the regime change happened in Hungary in 1989, the communists simply called themselves "socialists". They no longer embrace communism as they did before 1989, but now endorse globalism.  It is a good guess that some of the socialist party members are "closet communists".

Globalism like communism, is an internationalist ideology that seeks to erase nation states and make their people political and economic subjects. Luckily for the Hungarian people, the socialists and their leftists allies received a crushing and humiliating defeat in the recent election. Hopefully, this will be the final nail in the socialist/communist coffin. Socialist support is dwindling among Hungarians as it is mostly the elderly who now support them. A vast majority of Hungarian youth are now voting for the conservative Fidesz and nationalist Jobbik party.


Picture of the day

Beautiful front door of building in Budapest, Hungary

Quote of the day

“With a rising Russia on its doorstep and a still-stumbling economy, Hungary will not prosper by lurching back toward the ideologies that shaped its catastrophic 20th century.”

From the Wall Street Journal in an unsigned editorial that was published a day after the huge conservative victory in the Hungarian general election.

Click here for the article.

Editor's note: One can see how quickly the globalist media are attacking the conservative victory in Hungary. A majority of Hungarians voted for the conservative Fidesz party and a smaller amount for the right-wing nationalist Jobbik party in the election on Sunday. The left-wing "Unity" alliance faced a humiliating and crushing defeat. Their "friends" in the western mainstream media are already spreading misinformation and confusion about the election and the right-wing parties. Spreading hate and fear is a tactic that the media and the left-wing uses to influence the international opinion of Hungary and the right-wing parties in the country. 

There are many supporters of the conservative government that are already taking to message and discussion boards to defend the election victory of Orban and his Fidesz party. It's interesting that whoever wrote this article didn't even want to attach their name to it. Goes to show you how much credibility an article has if the author doesn't even want to acknowledge that it was their work. 

The ideology that the that the author is referring to in the above quote is most likely fascism. Leftists and the mainstream media have called Hungary fascist in the last four years since Fidesz took power, they've even called Prime Minister Viktor Orban a dictator as well, which is obviously not the case. 

What the left fails to see, or clearly doesn't want to acknowledge, is that fact that it was the big banks in Europe and North America that caused the First and Second World Wars, not the ideologies. The big banks and banking families funded/financed both communism and fascism in the 20th century. They hold the responsibility of the catastrophes that occurred in that disastrous century.    

Globalism is now the dangerous ideology of the 21st century. Globalism seeks to erase national borders and to destroy unique and homogeneous cultures that have existed for thousands of years. It wants to enslave sovereign nations politically and economically in order to make them puppets that are easy to control. Globalists will use any means to achieve their goal, which includes deception and misinformation. The mainstream media is a tool for the globalists to further their cause.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Fidesz victory!

Special Election Report

As expected, Viktor Orban's conservative Fidesz government won the election yesterday with a large majority. The leftist-liberal alliance parties were too weak and unpopular with the Hungarian public to hold office. Hungarians still remember the corruption and mismanagement of the left-wing socialists who were in power from 2002-2010.

The Fidesz victory shows that the Hungarian people are pleased with Orban's work and that they want him to take Hungary back to her conservative roots. We can expect that Orban and his government will continue to protect Hungarian interests and protect the country against the globalists who seek to control Hungary politically and economically.

With the votes counted by elections officials so far, the Hungarian National Election Office said that the conservative Fidesz party had won 133 seats in the new 199-seat legislature. Fidesz and its small political ally, the Christian Democrats, received 44.5 per cent of the list votes, good for 37 seats, and also won 96 of the 106 individual constituencies. The "Unity" coalition of left-wing/liberal groups led by the Socialist Party was projected to have 38 seats on the back of 26 per cent of the list votes, plus the 10 remaining individual constituencies.

The right-wing nationalist Jobbik party gathered 20.6 per cent of the list votes, nearly four percentage points more than in 2010, and will have 23 seats in parliament. The green Politics Can Be Different party broke the 5 percent threshold got 5.3 per cent of the list votes and five deputies in the legislature. Voter turnout for yesterday's election was lower than 4 years ago. Voter turnout fell from 64.4% in 2010 to 60.2% yesterday.

Yesterday's election result was a crushing blow to the left-wing in Hungary. It shows that they have possibly forever lost the trust and respect of the Hungarian people. The Fidesz victory in yesterday's election is a positive result and shows that Prime Minister Viktor Orban still has the mandate of the people to carry Hungary forward.


Sunday, April 06, 2014

A very desperate speech

The left-wing parties had their own gathering to drum up support for their "unity coalition" last weekend. Their leftist coalition represent the socialists, the liberals and the greens in Hungary. The left-wing parties currently have very low support going into the general election according to the most recent polls. This video shows the former disgraced socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany giving a pre-election speech at a rally. My first thought when watching this video was "Why the hell are you yelling like a maniac for?"

The hate, fear and jealousy of the popular Fidesz government is quite evident in the tone of his speech to his supporters. The leftists can yell all they want, but it will do them no good at all. Another conservative Fidesz majority government is expected again. By the way, did you know that Ferenc Gyurcsany used to be the president of the Organisation of Young Communists (KISZ) in Hungary in the 1980s?


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Election video: Only Fidesz!

This incredible and patriotic election video was released by the conservative Fidesz party which is in power in Hungary at the moment. They used footage from the recent pro-government Peace March from last weekend. In the video, you can see the shear size of the rally/march. Official government sources put the rally at around or close to half a million supporters. Not only were Fidesz supporters at the march, but many average Hungarians also attended to show their support for Hungary against the unholy globalist forces.

As usual, the globalist mainstream media lied about the number that had attended, "ten of thousands" according to their propaganda. It looks as if a majority of Hungarians who will cast their ballots will vote for the conservative Fidesz party because they want to save Hungary from the globalist vultures who seek to destroy her. Hungarians can rest assured that the Fidesz party will save Hungary and defend her conservative values and traditions from those (globalists) who seek to destroy Hungarian society as we know it. Save Hungary, vote Fidesz! God Bless Hungary! Hajrá, magyarok!


Friday, April 04, 2014

Quote of the day

“MSZP is nothing but an association of criminals.”

Hungarian nationalist Jobbik party spokesperson Dóra Dúró said in an interview with the Hungarian news agency, MTI, recently. The recent Gábor Simon scandal had reinforced her view on the left-wing socialist party. 

Editor's note: In the last decade, scandals, corruption and mismanagement have plagued the left-wing socialist party in Hungary. The Hungarian people are now waking up and seeing the socialists and the other left-wing parties for what they really are. The left-wing parties are at an all-time low in the opinion polls leading into the general election in a few days. Dóra Dúró's opinion of the socialists is one that many Hungarians hold and it probably isn't going to change anytime soon.

EU dream is crumbling

Our favourite European Union member of parliament (MEP) Nigel Farage says it like it is, the EU dream is crumbling. He says that the two biggest mistakes of the EU in the last few years was to include the Mediterranean countries into the EU and to allow the free movement of people in the EU. Farage also mentions that the EU doesn't work economically, and he is totally right in this regard. The EU is a nice idea but in real life, does not work the way it was intended to. Europe is just way too big and way too diverse economically, socially and politically for one body (the EU) to control effectively and efficiently.

Nigel Farage is a huge Eurosceptic, which means that he believes that the EU doesn't work and is highly skeptical of it. More and more people in the EU member countries are being Eurosceptic and have a negative view of the EU. We have to give Farage a lot of credit in standing up to the Marxists and globalists in the EU parliament on a daily basis. Bravo Nigel!