Are you associated with any political parties?

No, we are not. We do support Hungarian parties that promote and protect traditional Hungarian values.

Do you receive any funding from political parties?

No, we do not. All of the work done by the staff at the Free Hungarian Voice is done on a volunteer basis.

What kind of news source are you?

The Free Hungarian Voice is a conservative news blog that was established as an alternative to the mainstream media. Hungary and the Hungarian people are under relentless attack by the globalist-friendly mainstream media. We seek to correct that with our "free" and "uncontrolled" voice. If we don't tell the truth about Hungary, then who will?

How often do you post and update?

We try to post as often as possible. Keep in mind that we have careers and families, so we try to update as often as possible.

How do you feel about the mainstream media telling only "half" the story about Hungary?

As Hungarians, we feel that the whole truth is not told. Usually, the mainstream media tells half-truths and distorts the facts when it comes to our country. We currently have a conservative government that was elected with a majority. There are some that see our conservative government as a threat, hence the media attacks.

As with the pro-government rallies that occurred in early 2012, the estimate of the crowd size of government supporters was minimized. The size of the pro-government crowds was often much larger than what the media had reported. This was typical of the major mainstream media sources across the board.

Can I leave a message with you?

You can sign our guest book if you wish. Leave something nice though!

Will you allow readers to post comments after your posts?

At the time being our posts are not open to comments.

Where are your readers from?

Our readers are from Hungary as well as other countries in the world. The Flag Counter widget at the bottom of our blog lets you know who is listening to the Free Hungarian Voice.

Thank you.