Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The "Red Terror" continues

Horthy Miklós, Regent of Hungary (1868-1957)

 He said that he was going to do it, and he did it. The well-known Gyurcsany supporter, Dániel Péter, poured red paint all over the statue of Horthy Miklós and put a sign over the statue saying “war criminal”. He did this under the cover of night. The statue of Horthy Miklós was erected in the Hungarian village of Kereki recently. The move to erect the statue of Horthy was controversial but the mayor, Lajos Marton, hoped that the statue wouldn't divide the people in his town. The human-sized, wooden statue of Horthy was inaugurated at a ceremony attended by about 500 people a few days ago. Dániel Péter, a lawyer, had promised before to pour red paint on the statue. It didn't take him long to do so. Many Hungarians around Hungary are disgusted by his cowardly act. He defaced the statue of one of Hungary's greatest patriots.

Many patriotic Hungarian organizations have condemned this act. The head of Horthy István Heroes and Martyrs Foundation and the vice president of Horthy Miklós Society have called for calm and restrain. They issued statements that Dániel Péter is mentally ill to do such an act. The deputy mayor of  Kereki has put in a complaint with the police over the incident. All the parties released a statement condemning the vandalism of the statue as a cowardly act. A Jobbik party member of parliament has filed a lawsuit against Daniel Peter for suspicion of vandalism and incitement of hatred against a community.

Horthy Miklós was the regent and head of state of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1920 to 1944. To many Hungarians he is seen as a hero and great Hungarian patriot. To the communists in Hungary, he is seen as a controversial figure who sided with Hitler's Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Horthy entered Budapest in 1919 after the Romanians defeated the Hungarian communist government of Kun Béla. The communists under Kun Béla initiated what was known as the "Red Terror". Many innocent Hungarians were executed by communist squads called the "Lenin Boys", who were no more than communist thugs. Horthy Miklós banned the communist party in Hungary when he came to power and initiated the "White Terror" to rid the country of communists. 

Horthy would eventually join Germany during the Second World War as lost Hungarian lands from the Treaty of Trianon were returned for Hungary's allegiance. It is no secret that Horthy disliked Adolf Hitler. Horthy was not an extremist nor a fascist. Horthy was a conservative and Hungarian traditionalist. He disliked extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, both right and left-wing. When Hungary was defeated at the end of the Second World War, he left Hungary with his family and spent the rest of his life in exile in Portugal. Horthy died in Portugal in 1957. His remains were eventually returned to Hungary and buried in his home town of Kenderes in 1993. The reburial of his remains caused a controversy in Hungary, which just recently changed from its communist political past to a democratic system.

Editor's Note: The reburial of Horthy's remains in Hungary video is in the Hungarian language. This video is from 1993, when his remains were reburied in his home town of  Kenderes.

Horthy Miklós is regarded as a great Hungarian patriot and hero to many Hungarians, despite what the Hungarian left-wing and people like Dániel Péter want you to think. Horthy was never a Nazi or a fascist. He wanted to restore the old Kingdom of Hungary that was forever destroyed by the Treaty of Trianon after the First World War. After the Second World War, he was never tried or convicted as a war criminal. He was eventually let go by the allies and he spent the rest of his life in exile in Portugal. As it was previously mentioned, Horthy was a conservative and traditionalist who ended up on the wrong side in WW2. Many other countries in Europe allied themselves with Germany, Hungary was not the only one. To tell you the truth, I would rather have Horthy than Kun Béla any day. At least Horthy was not out to destroy the Hungarian nation and people with a dangerous ideology such as communism. In conclusion, we here at the Free Hungarian Voice, also condemn the cowardly action of Dániel Péter.