Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Fidesz topping polls

According to the most recent Tarki poll, Orbán Viktor's ruling Fidesz party is ahead and increased in support in October. Backing for Fidesz actually rose 3 points month-on-month to 18 percent. The MSZP (socialist party) also rose 4 points higher to 15 percent. The number of undecided voters dropped from 56 to 50 percent of the electorate. Much to the dismay of Hungarian leftists, Fidesz has been pretty much topping the polls since the 2010 national election. Most reliable polls like Tarki have highlighted this obvious fact. 

The Hungarian left enjoys whining that the majority of the Hungarians did not vote for Orbán Viktor and Fidesz as voter turnout for the 2010 national elections was low. That still does change the fact that the socialists were crushed in the 2010 election and faced their worst defeat ever. The Hungarian people are extremely distrustful of the socialists and given their past track record we can see why. Many people are predicting that Fidesz will win the 2014 national election with another majority. 

Hungary's deep political divisions were highlighted at the recent commemorations held by the different political parties for the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Currently, the Hungarian left-wing is in disarray and doesn't have much of a chance of winning the next election unless something disastrous happens politically to the ruling Fidesz party. A recent survey showed that a vast majority of young Hungarians and students are supporting the Jobbik (right-wing) and LMP (left-wing) parties. Most of the socialist's support base is made up of elderly pensioners.  

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