Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roma family refuse verdict

Excerpt from TheTorontoStar (

There have been four cases of sanctuary in the Toronto area over the past year, said Michael Creal, a retired York University professor and founder of the coalition. Police and border security officials have not intervened in any of them, he said.

Jozsef Pusuma, his wife Timea Daroczi and their 4-year-old daughter Viktoria are believed to be the only people currently receiving sanctuary in Toronto. The family has been hiding in an Anglican church in downtown Toronto since December after a federal court judge approved a deportation order against the Hungarian Roma family.

Editor's Note: There are thousands of Hungarian Roma (gypsies) in Canada. In the last decade, thousands of Roma have left Hungary claiming organized discrimination against them because of their ethnic background. The Hungarian government has reassured the Canadian government that there is no organized discrimination against the Roma. The Canadian government has also sent fact finding delegations to Hungary and they have found that the Hungarian government is telling the truth. 

Around 95 percent of Roma applications for refugee status in Canada are rejected because the Roma are unable to prove that they were discriminated against in Hungary. When they lose their application and appeal, they are ordered to return to Hungary. In the case of this article, the Roma family refuses to abide by the law of Canada and return back to Hungary. 

There have been cases in which Hungarian Roma were ordered deported but simply disappeared into the general population and lived as illegals. It seems that the Hungarian Roma are nothing more than economic migrants who wanted to take advantage of Canada's once liberal immigration system.