Monday, October 29, 2012

Media lies continue

The mainstream media continues to lie about the size of the official government commemoration and second Peace March that took place on October 23, 2012. Many international mainstream media outlets reported that only 150,000 people attended the 1956 commemoration in Kossuth Square in downtown Budapest. It was actually 150,000 people that participated in the Peace March. The marchers met up with others at Kossuth Square that went to the official commemoration. Both of these groups when joined at the square totalled around 400,000 as reported by the Hungarian Interior Ministry and larger Hungarian media outlets.

Hungarian left-wing media, bloggers and websites all tried to minimize the gathering by claiming a smaller number had attended. This is hardly a surprise. They did the same thing earlier in the year when the first Peace March was held. The only way they can win support domestically and internationally is by lying about the facts. The Hungarian left-wing wasn't able to win the national election two years ago so they have to result to dishonesty to win support for their political cause.  Apparently this time around, Austrian Public Television was the worst offender claiming that only a few thousand people showed up at Kossuth Square. Now do you believe everything the mainstream media tells you?