Friday, October 05, 2012

Globalist media at work

Excerpt from NewStatesmen (

In the name of tackling government inefficiency and the legacy of Communism, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s constitutional reforms undid two decades of democratic progress on 1st January 2012. In the heart of Europe, the rights and norms that underpinned the politics settlement have changed beyond recognition.

Orban’s Fedesz Party won a super-majority of seats in the 2010 elections as the result of popular frustration and a disproportionate electoral system. But they used their position to systematically remove checks and balances, install political cronies, and ensure that such a sweeping popular change could never happen again.

Editor's Note: Yet another piece from a mainstream media source bashing Hungary's conservative government and prime minister. Pretty much ever since the conservative government was voted in, it has been bashed by the left-wing globalist media day in, day out. You have to like the slant that these guys have saying that the current government is undoing two decades of democratic reforms. 

What this piece fails to tell people is that the conservative government is actually trying to undo nearly 50 years of communist damage inflicted on Hungary's political, economic and legal systems. They are returning Hungary to where she was originally before the end of the Second World War, as a conservative Christian country. Returning Hungary to her original self is something the Hungarian left and globalists can't tolerate. Now you know why they hate the conservative government and continue to bash it so much!