Monday, April 07, 2014

Fidesz victory!

Special Election Report

As expected, Viktor Orban's conservative Fidesz government won the election yesterday with a large majority. The leftist-liberal alliance parties were too weak and unpopular with the Hungarian public to hold office. Hungarians still remember the corruption and mismanagement of the left-wing socialists who were in power from 2002-2010.

The Fidesz victory shows that the Hungarian people are pleased with Orban's work and that they want him to take Hungary back to her conservative roots. We can expect that Orban and his government will continue to protect Hungarian interests and protect the country against the globalists who seek to control Hungary politically and economically.

With the votes counted by elections officials so far, the Hungarian National Election Office said that the conservative Fidesz party had won 133 seats in the new 199-seat legislature. Fidesz and its small political ally, the Christian Democrats, received 44.5 per cent of the list votes, good for 37 seats, and also won 96 of the 106 individual constituencies. The "Unity" coalition of left-wing/liberal groups led by the Socialist Party was projected to have 38 seats on the back of 26 per cent of the list votes, plus the 10 remaining individual constituencies.

The right-wing nationalist Jobbik party gathered 20.6 per cent of the list votes, nearly four percentage points more than in 2010, and will have 23 seats in parliament. The green Politics Can Be Different party broke the 5 percent threshold got 5.3 per cent of the list votes and five deputies in the legislature. Voter turnout for yesterday's election was lower than 4 years ago. Voter turnout fell from 64.4% in 2010 to 60.2% yesterday.

Yesterday's election result was a crushing blow to the left-wing in Hungary. It shows that they have possibly forever lost the trust and respect of the Hungarian people. The Fidesz victory in yesterday's election is a positive result and shows that Prime Minister Viktor Orban still has the mandate of the people to carry Hungary forward.