Saturday, April 05, 2014

Election video: Only Fidesz!

This incredible and patriotic election video was released by the conservative Fidesz party which is in power in Hungary at the moment. They used footage from the recent pro-government Peace March from last weekend. In the video, you can see the shear size of the rally/march. Official government sources put the rally at around or close to half a million supporters. Not only were Fidesz supporters at the march, but many average Hungarians also attended to show their support for Hungary against the unholy globalist forces.

As usual, the globalist mainstream media lied about the number that had attended, "ten of thousands" according to their propaganda. It looks as if a majority of Hungarians who will cast their ballots will vote for the conservative Fidesz party because they want to save Hungary from the globalist vultures who seek to destroy her. Hungarians can rest assured that the Fidesz party will save Hungary and defend her conservative values and traditions from those (globalists) who seek to destroy Hungarian society as we know it. Save Hungary, vote Fidesz! God Bless Hungary! Hajrá, magyarok!