Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Quote of the day

“With a rising Russia on its doorstep and a still-stumbling economy, Hungary will not prosper by lurching back toward the ideologies that shaped its catastrophic 20th century.”

From the Wall Street Journal in an unsigned editorial that was published a day after the huge conservative victory in the Hungarian general election.

Click here for the article.

Editor's note: One can see how quickly the globalist media are attacking the conservative victory in Hungary. A majority of Hungarians voted for the conservative Fidesz party and a smaller amount for the right-wing nationalist Jobbik party in the election on Sunday. The left-wing "Unity" alliance faced a humiliating and crushing defeat. Their "friends" in the western mainstream media are already spreading misinformation and confusion about the election and the right-wing parties. Spreading hate and fear is a tactic that the media and the left-wing uses to influence the international opinion of Hungary and the right-wing parties in the country. 

There are many supporters of the conservative government that are already taking to message and discussion boards to defend the election victory of Orban and his Fidesz party. It's interesting that whoever wrote this article didn't even want to attach their name to it. Goes to show you how much credibility an article has if the author doesn't even want to acknowledge that it was their work. 

The ideology that the that the author is referring to in the above quote is most likely fascism. Leftists and the mainstream media have called Hungary fascist in the last four years since Fidesz took power, they've even called Prime Minister Viktor Orban a dictator as well, which is obviously not the case. 

What the left fails to see, or clearly doesn't want to acknowledge, is that fact that it was the big banks in Europe and North America that caused the First and Second World Wars, not the ideologies. The big banks and banking families funded/financed both communism and fascism in the 20th century. They hold the responsibility of the catastrophes that occurred in that disastrous century.    

Globalism is now the dangerous ideology of the 21st century. Globalism seeks to erase national borders and to destroy unique and homogeneous cultures that have existed for thousands of years. It wants to enslave sovereign nations politically and economically in order to make them puppets that are easy to control. Globalists will use any means to achieve their goal, which includes deception and misinformation. The mainstream media is a tool for the globalists to further their cause.