Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Funny video: They're back!

A funny short video that was made just before the Hungarian general election last Sunday. It shows the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) returning as the "undead" to run in the election again. In Hungary, they (socialists) are referred to as the party that just won't go away. The socialist party used to the the communist party that ruled Hungary for most of the Cold War period.

Many of today's socialists were card-carrying communist party members and were enthusiastic supporters of the communist ideology. When the regime change happened in Hungary in 1989, the communists simply called themselves "socialists". They no longer embrace communism as they did before 1989, but now endorse globalism.  It is a good guess that some of the socialist party members are "closet communists".

Globalism like communism, is an internationalist ideology that seeks to erase nation states and make their people political and economic subjects. Luckily for the Hungarian people, the socialists and their leftists allies received a crushing and humiliating defeat in the recent election. Hopefully, this will be the final nail in the socialist/communist coffin. Socialist support is dwindling among Hungarians as it is mostly the elderly who now support them. A vast majority of Hungarian youth are now voting for the conservative Fidesz and nationalist Jobbik party.