Saturday, October 27, 2012

Avanti ragazzi di buda

"Avanti ragazzi di buda" or "Lead on youths of Buda", is a song that was written by Italians in support of the Hungarian Revolution 1956. Many free European nations were supporting Hungary morally during the revolution. Our Italian friends had their own conflicts with communism in their own country in the 20th century. For decades they battled with a violent communist movement in Italy. Hungarians not only received moral support from other Europeans, but they also received aid packages and medical supplies from Poland and other countries.

This song is extremely popular with patriotic and anti-communist youth in Hungary and Europe today. The majority of Italians are known to be strongly anti-communist like Hungarians are. I've heard that there were a few hundred Italian volunteers that went to Hungary to help fight the Soviets in 1956 but I haven't been able to validate this. I've often see many Italians on the internet leaving posts in support of Hungarians and the 1956 Revolution. This video features some well-known pictures from the revolution. English translation of the song is below.

Lead on youths of Buda
Lead on youths of Pest
students, farmers, workers
the sun will never rise on the East.

We stayed awake a 100 nights
And dreamed for months
about those October days
the dawn of Hungarian Youths.

I remember you had a gun
and brought it down to the plaza, I waited for you
hidden between my books
I will bring a pistol too.

Six glorious Days and six glorious nights
On our victory
But on the seventh day
the Russians arrived with tanks

The tanks broke the bones
Nobody brought help
The world was just watching
and sitting beside the road.

The girl wont tell my mother
she won't tell I'll die tonight
She tells her that I will hide in the mountains
and I will return in the Spring.

Me and my comrades are prosecuted
Our revolution is lost
They will soon ties us up
and put us front of the firing squad

My comrades are standing upfront the firing squad
The first falls and the second
Our freedom is lost
Burying away the honor of the world.

Our comrades will hide their weapons
And will return, singing our marching songs
On that day, we will line up again
And return from the Mountains.

Lead on youths of Buda
Lead on youths of Pest
students, farmers, workers
the sun will never rise on the East.