Friday, February 07, 2014

Another Fidesz victory

Excerpt from Friedl news (


According to recent polls, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has no reason to fear a loss in power. On the contrary, the centre-right Fidesz party is expected to be confirmed with 50% of the votes. The socialists might reach 30% of the votes, followed by the right-wing Jobbik (15%, the Hungarian opinion pollster Median reported.

In the view of millions of Hungarians, the centre-right government could stabilize the country. In the next term, Orban has to prove that the stabilization will be sustainable.


Editor's note: It's absolutely no surprise that the conservative Fidesz party will win another majority government in the April election coming up. The high number of support shows that Hungarians want both economic and political stability. It shows that a majority of Hungarians are happy with the performance of the conservative government in the last few years. The government is returning Hungary to her roots as a conservative society and culture.  This has angered both the left in Hungary and the globalists outside the border which seek to "liberalize" her.

The Hungarian people are seeing that the government is standing up to the globalists such as the European Union. We just have to see whether Fidesz can actually improve on their numbers this time around. One thing is for sure, the Hungarian people are fed up with the corruption, mismanagement and selling out of Hungary by the leftist parties.