Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The view from the street

Here is the view from the street from the pro-government Peace March that occurred on the weekend. The Hungarian Interior Ministry estimated that nearly 500,000 people had marched in support of Viktor Orban and his conservative government. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has brought back true conservatism back to Hungary. He has also removed the vestiges of the old communist regime and era in the country. Currently, Hungary is in a titanic struggle against the globalists who seek to enslave the Hungarian nation and her people.

The European Union, international bankers and the international mainstream media have unofficially declared war on the Hungarian people and nation by constantly bashing the country and misinforming the world about Hungary's conservative government. The international mainstream media once again has lied about the numbers that came to support the government at the Peace March. Many mainstream media sources are claiming "tens of thousands" attended when in fact it was close to half a million people who marched to support the government.

The Hungarian left-wing and far left-wing are using the mainstream media to attack the conservative government which enjoys huge popular support from the Hungarian people. Many people in Hungary have woken up to the fact that there is a "globalist conspiracy" to depose their democratically elected conservative government. Heroes' Square in Budapest was jam packed with people for the Peace March. Andrassy Street, which is the main street to Heroes Square was jam packed with people as well.

We are more inclined to believe the Hungarian Interior Ministry's quote on the number of marchers than the mainstream media's quote which is extremely misleading and untrue. Watch the video and see the view from the street of the Peace March. Half a million Hungarians marching for Hungary can't be wrong. Hajrá Magyarok!

For pictures on the Peace March and the immense size of it,

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