Monday, July 16, 2012

The left-wing hysteria

The Hungarian left-wing started a mass hysteria that democracy was under attack in Hungary

Democracy is alive and well in Hungary, repeat, democracy is alive and well in Hungary. Yes, you heard that right! This is contrary to what the Hungarian left-wing and the mainstream media want you to think. As you all know by now, Hungary and its conservative government have come under considerable attack and pressure lately. This is in response to the actions of the conservative government of Orbán Viktor. Much of this pressure has been in the form of attacks on the Hungarian government. There has been a lot of political pressure on Hungary, especially from the European Union and the United States (Hillary Clinton).

Other organizations such as Amnesty International and Freedom House have also joined the chorus of discontent against Hungary and her government. The majority of criticism though has come from the globalist-friendly mainstream media, who continue to this very day to print, publish or broadcast gross exaggerations and falsehoods about the Hungarian government. All the attacks, criticisms and allegations by the mainstream media against Hungary are unjust and unwarranted.  They have been misinforming people around the world about the actions and motives of Hungary's conservative government.

The Hungarian government made it their mission to reform Hungarian society, as their are many vestiges and remnants of the old communist regime still existing in Hungary to this very day. The conservative government made various political, economic and social changes in the last two years in power to finally remove the reminders of the old system. This upset the Hungarian left-wing, who still wanted elements of the old system to remain. Many of them still yearn for the "good old days" of the old regime to return and fondly remember their decades in power.  The attacks by the mainstream media on the Hungarian government recently, have been vicious and relentless. Almost in unison, as if they were orchestrated, the mainstream media have constantly claimed that Hungary's conservative government is undemocratic and even tyrannical. Article after article and editorial after editorial, continue to claim that democracy is slipping in Hungary due to the policies and actions of her conservative government.

Almost every day, you can find that some mainstream media source or outlet is publishing or broadcasting something negative against the current Hungarian government. The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, Economist etc., are some of the larger mainstream media outlets that continue to attack the government in Hungary. These media outlets all have large readership bases, so you can see what influence they have internationally. Their articles and stories about the Hungarian government are often one-sided and filled with half-truths. This is no surprise as the mainstream media is very left-wing and globalist-friendly in nature. The editors and writers that work in the mainstream media are often controlled and do not have absolute freedom of expression when it comes to what they write or produce. They are told by their bosses what to write and what is acceptable by their media source. This shows that the mainstream media is not truly balanced.

The mainstream media own and control; newspapers, magazines, websites and 24-hour television news channels They can get their message across to the majority of any western population in the world in no time. The mainstream media has definitely made it their mission to destroy the credibility of the conservative government of Hungary. This also hurts the country and the people living in it. Since the conservative government came to power in Hungary, we have not seen one positive piece about them from the mainstream media, this is how we know they have an agenda. This also lets us know that the media is very one-sided and has a monopoly on opinion.

How and why did the mainstream media attacks begin against Hungary? Very simple actually, the Hungarian left-wing instigated it. They used their contacts and sympathizers in the mainstream media to create a frenzy or hysteria that democracy was slipping and threatened in Hungary. They also claimed that the Hungarian prime minister was undemocratic and a tyrant. The left-wing mainstream media began to publish such stories starting the current hysteria against the Hungarian government today.

This hysteria led many around the world to believe that Hungarians were now living under a right-wing jack boot. This is nonsense as the total opposite is true in Hungary today. The Hungarian people are free and live in a democratic system. They do not live in a dictatorship and are free to elect who they think is best to lead the country. The conservative government of Hungary actually got a historic majority in the recent election, giving them a clear mandate by the Hungarian people to govern the country.

This whole episode of the left-wing hysteria has shown the Hungarian people the influence the left has with the mainstream media. They have a very close relationship as the left can easily mobilize the media against anyone in short notice. There are very few conservative media sources in the west today, that is why you don't hear anything positive about Hungary nowadays. The majority of the mainstream media is anti-conservative and very anti-Christian in nature. They have definitely put the Hungarian government in their crosshairs by targeting them. The Hungarian people now know the true nature and intent of the mainstream media.

The majority of Hungarians know that democracy is alive and well in their country today. Most of the left-wing hysteria targeted people outside of Hungary. The Hungarian left wanted to move international opinion against the conservative government in Hungary, possibly toppling them from power with external help. They wanted to misinform people all around the world and they did a pretty good job with the help of the media. The recent hysteria against Hungary has shown the Hungarian people that the mainstream media is working against them and their democratically elected government. The media is a very powerful tool and anyone that can influence or manipulate it for undemocratic reasons can be very dangerous.