Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Quote of the day

“Elections are still free in Hungary but no longer fair.”

Former Prime Minister and leader of one of the leftist parties (E-PM) Gordon Bajnai at the left-wing rally in Budapest on the weekend. The Hungarian left is claiming that democracy has left Hungary and that changes to the electoral system in the country by the conservative Fidesz government have made the elections unfair. They say that the new electoral system is giving an unfair advantage to the ruling conservative government. The left-wing political parties in Hungary currently enjoy an all-time low number of support from the Hungarian people.

Editor's note: The Hungarian left-wing is in a very bad situation going into the April general election. Current polls project that Viktor Orban's conservative government will win another majority in the upcoming election. The left-wing is extremely desperate and will say or do anything to regain power. The truth is that they won't win the election and they know it. They have lost the support and trust of the Hungarian people. 

The Hungarian left-wing was in power from 2002-2010 (socialists). During those years, Hungarians saw nothing but mismanagement and corruption from the ruling socialists. The Hungarian people are fed up with left-wing politics and politicians. More importantly, they are fed up with the selling out of Hungary to the globalists by the Hungarian leftists. As long as Orban continues the great work, it looks as if conservatism will reign supreme in Hungary for years to come!