Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Norway breaks with its Christian past

Editor's Note: In a move of political correctness, Norwegians have turned their backs on their 1,000-year Christian tradition. This probably means that they will probably have to redesign their flag too.

In a disturbing development, Norway has broken with its 1,000-year old Christian past. Just about a week ago, a parliamentary committee report was presented unanimously recommending the dissolution of ties between the state and the Church of Norway. Essentially, this is the disestablishment of the Church of Norway. A constitutional amendment was presented to the parliament with "wide support" from members of various political parties. This makes Norway formally a secular country with no official religion. All religions and philosophies will have equal legal standing and will be treated equally. The move by the Norwegian Parliament will end the 1,000-year tradition of the Church of Norway. The Church of Norway is evangelical Lutheran and about 86% of the Norwegian population are baptized members.

Many countries in the world have a separation of church and state. For 1,000 years, Christianity and the Church of Norway played an important role in Norwegian society. What I believe promoted this change was political correctness. Norway is being flooded by immigrants who have vastly different cultures and religions. In order to try to assimilate them or to be politically correct, Norwegians have decided to change their traditions to accommodate their newcomers. This move will have profound consequences on their country and society. I've always believed that when someone goes to another country that they abide by and follow that country's traditions.

The immigrants in Norway are not at fault as it was politically-correct Norwegians that decided to turn their backs on their 1,000 year-old tradition. I believe that this is one another example of the secularization of Europe. Christianity in Europe is being attacked on all fronts from the outside and the inside as well. Pretty much most of Western Europe is turning its back on or has turned its back on its Christian faith and traditions. The sad part is that it is being done by its own native inhabitants.