Thursday, August 02, 2012

Declassified: Joseph Stalin (Video)

Editor's Note: The video is 45 minutes long, but well worth the watch.

This is an excellent video from History Channel's Declassified series on Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin was a tyrant and the worst mass murderer in human history. The interesting thing is that Stalin was an ethnic Georgian and not a Russian. He was among the inner circle of the Bolshevik revolutionaries who brought about the Russian Revolution in 1917. Stalin was a loyal ally of Lenin up until Lenin's death in 1924. Stalin was active as a leader far longer than Adolf Hitler was, for this, he ended up killing far more people than Hitler did. The world is now beginning to realize and discover this most recent indisputable fact.

Most of Stalin's genocides, orchestrated famines, political/military purges, mass murders and deportations occurred far before Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933. Stalin wanted to eliminate any opposition to his rule and the dominance of communism in Russia. Millions of people from various ethnicities in the Soviet Union perished under Stalin, not only ethnic Russians. Stalin was the premier of the Soviet Union from 6 May 1941 until his death in 5 March 1953. He was also the General Secretary of the Communist Party's Central Committee from 1922 until his death.

Many previous estimates of how many people Stalin ended up killing through personal orders and his policies is around 20 million people. More recent estimates of how many people killed by Stalin actually double and even triple the 20 million figure. In the end, we will never know how many innocent souls this deranged butcher and lunatic killed before he left this earth. There is no official documentation that remains to this day that actually details the figure, but what we do know is that he did kill A LOT of people (tens of millions). This is a very interesting video and definitely worth a watch if you don't know the whole story on Stalin. This is one of the better videos that I've seen on this mass murderer.

It is an absolute fact that Hungarians detest and loathe communism with a holy passion. Hungarians lived under the brutal jackboot of communism for nearly 40 years. They also endured the Stalinist-style rule of Hungarian communist leader Mátyás Rákosi from the late 1940s to the early 1950s. Under Rákosi, tens of thousands of Hungarians were arrested, tortured and executed. It is a known fact that around 100,000 Hungarians also ended up in communist concentration camps in Hungary in the early 1950s. Approximately 350,000 intellectuals and officials were purged by Rákosi from 1948 to 1956. He imposed totalitarian rule on Hungary. Arresting, jailing and killing both real and imagined foes in various waves of Stalin-inspired political purges was common practice in Rákosi's regime. Meanwhile, Hungary continued to slip into decline because of his rule.

Rákosi modelled himself after the Soviet dictator Stalin and based his methods of rule after Stalin's. The communist secret police and spies for Rákosi all made sure that any opposition to the regime was silenced and liquidated. Many innocent Hungarians who had nothing to do with politics were rounded up and imprisoned or executed by Rákosi's henchmen. These were very dark and dangerous years for Hungary and her people. Rákosi essentially ruled Hungary from 1945 to 1956, when the Hungarian Revolution occurred. He was then forced into retirement by the Soviet Union because of his iron-handed Stalinist-style rule.

Mátyás Rákosi is one of the most detested political personalities in all of Hungarian history. Although he pales in comparison to Stalin, he was still a very evil man. As you can see, Hungarians too had their own "Stalin". We all know too well the death and destruction these types of lunatics can bring. It is a known fact that both Rákosi and Stalin will live in infamy for the Hungarian people. I pray that Hungarians and the rest of the world will never see communism ever again and the evil men it produced.