Friday, March 28, 2014

Quote of the day

"Hungary has been returned to the Hungarians."

A quote from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on public television's evening program on Wednesday night. Orban was evaluating the performance of his government in the past four years since coming to power in 2010. He listed the major achievements of his government such as the adoption of the new constitution, saving Hungary from an economic and financial collapse and the overall reform of education, tax systems, economy, debt management and health-care. Orban mentioned that there still was a lot to do especially in health care and improving Hungarian students' performance in education which is deteriorating.

Editor's note: A majority of Hungarians support Orban's conservative government and the work it has done in the last four years since taking office in 2010. The government is returning Hungary to her conservative roots as a nation and undoing more than 40 years of damage done by the communists and socialists. It looks as if Orban will be re-elected and his government will continue the excellent work they've been doing so far. 

The socialists and communists sold out Hungary for decades to external foreign powers. The communists sold out Hungary to the Soviet Union and now the socialists seek to continue to sell out Hungary to the globalist European Union. The conservative government is trying to protecting Hungary and Hungarians from becoming another colony. For too long in her recent history, Hungary has been a pawn of the foreign globalist elite. 

Viktor Orban must continue his work but most importantly, he must remove Hungary from the European Union. As long as we are apart of that dreadful political entity, we will never be truly free and remain a colony to be dictated to. Orban currently sits on the fence playing to both nationalist/conservative Hungarians on one side and the European Union in Brussels on the other side. He must finally decide to sit on the Hungarian side of the fence if he wants Hungary to exist truly as a free nation. As Orban said in one of his speeches last year, "We will not be a colony". We really hope so!