Sunday, March 30, 2014

An Amazing Hungarian pilot!

Meet an amazing Hungarian acrobatic pilot and watch his historic flight! Peter Besenyei completed an amazing flight through the famous Corinth Canal in Greece a few days ago. The Hungarian pilot crossed the base of the 6.4km-long and 21.4m-wide landmark canal in Greece while performing impressive aerial maneuvers and breathtaking tricks. The whole flight was recorded from his plane while flying through the very narrow canal. The canal is impassible for most modern ships as it is very narrow. Besenyei's historic flight shows how talented Hungarian pilots truly are.  

Besenyei is 57 years-old and won the inaugural edition of the Red Bull Air Race world tour. He needed all his flying experience to cross the length of the canal while performing extremely risky maneuvers and multiple aerial tricks. This was an amazing accomplishment considering the eight-metre wingspan of his plane. After his flight, he said that the winds were very strong while flying inside the canal. Besenyei said that the flight through the canal was a dream come true! Watch the video and be amazed. Hungarians have always excelled as pilots and in flying industry in general. Well done Peter!