Friday, March 21, 2014

Infamous quote: Tibor Szamuely

"Everywhere counter-revolutionaries run about and swagger; beat them down! Beat their heads where you find them! If counter-revolutionaries were to gain the upper hand for even a single hour, there will be no mercy for any proletarian. Before they stifle the revolution, suffocate them in their own blood!"

Bolshevik Tibor Szamuely called for "terror" to be unleashed on the Hungarian people.

Quoted from Tibor Szamuely from the Vörös Újság (Red Newspaper) in 1919. Szamuely was one of the influential Bolshevik leaders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. He argued for the necessity of "revolutionary terror" to be against "counter-revolutionaries" in Hungary. The "Lenin Boys" were set up as a result and went about beating, torturing and executing innocent Hungarians in Budapest and the countryside. This revolutionary terror by the communists in Hungary during 1919 has become to be known as the "Red Terror".