Monday, March 24, 2014

Infamous Hungarian Soviet pictures

Hungarian Bolshevik József Pogány speaking in 1919 during the Hungarian Revolution to communist soldiers. He was a dedicated communist that wrote in the Hungarian Népszava which was a far left-wing publication.

An edition of Népszava from 1914. It was the official mouthpiece and publication of Hungarian socialists/communists. The leaders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic were trained in the Russia prior to the establishment of the republic in Hungary. Russian communists trained "agents" and planted them in various eastern and central European countries to start revolutions and establish communist regimes in those countries.

Communism was an internationalist or by today's term, a globalist movement. They wanted to enslave the free countries of the world with their sinister ideology. Ironically, almost one hundred years later, the left and far-left are continuing with their globalist aspirations i.e. European Union/one world government.

Bela Kun, leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in Budapest, 1919 (center, bald head). Bela Kun lives in infamy in Hungarian history as a tyrant who unleashed the "Red Terror" on the Hungarian people. The Hungarian Soviet Republic was toppled by the victorious Entente powers of World War One. They saw the spread of communism immediately after the First World War in Europe as a threat.