Monday, February 17, 2014

Excerpts from Orbán's speech

"Hungary’s economy has produced the best results in more than ten years, with the country arriving at the threshold of a great era of prosperity."

"The country was able to “send home” the International Monetary Fund and stand on its own feet, Hungary’s solutions that were initially exposed to sharp attacks have since been adopted by others, too."

“Hungarians had to be organised to form a new national and political community through the adoption of a new constitution. Hungary’s sovereignty had to be restored, order re-established and an agreement struck with the public to guarantee a new and fairer system for the distribution of burdens.” 

“In 2010, we had to decide which corner to choose in the ring, and we chose the red-white-green corner. Since then we have won several rounds but the fight is not over yet.”

"For twenty years, the post-communist system was unable to prove its advantages over the old system and people “got fed up with it” so a second regime change was required."

“We have become fed up with the politics that always focused on how to please the West, the bankers and the foreign press.”

“I am still astonished at seeing how they take their courage to tell us what to think, how to remember, what goals to set and what to do and what not.” 

Some key excerpts from conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's state-of-the-nation address in Budapest’s Millenaris Teatrum just weeks before the general election. The speech outlines his government's achievements and successes in the last four years while in power. Standing up to the European Union, foreign bankers and the international press was mentioned in his speech.

The fact that his government had firmly protected Hungary from internal and external threats was also noted by Orbán. In addition, he mentioned that the quality of life improved for Hungarian families under the policies and actions of his government. Hungarian families are in a much better position than they were 4 years ago!