Monday, February 17, 2014

Leftist coalition troubles

Excerpt from Christian Science Monitor (

The latest Ipsos poll shows 33 percent of decided voters support the alliance – a partnership of five parties: the Socialists, Együtt-PM, the Democratic Coalition (DK), and the Liberal party – compared to 51 percent for Fidesz. The far-right Jobbik party has 13 percent.

The coalition, led by Socialist leader Attila Mesterházy, says its support is underrepresented because people are afraid to tell pollsters they oppose the ruling party, pointing to the large number of undecided voters as evidence. However, as the election nears, the number of undecided or uncommitted voters is dropping and the opposition’s support appears stagnant.

Despite a weak economy and allegations of Fidesz corruption over the past year, the alliance has been unable to attract voters from the ruling party.


Editor's note: The majority of Hungarians are happy with the performance of the ruling conservative Fidesz party. Hungarians are living better than they were even 4 years ago when the conservative government took over in office. The socialist rule from 2002-2010 was an utter disaster that was tainted by corruption and incompetent mismanagement both politically and economically. 

The huge support for the Fidesz government shows that Hungarians are tired of the lies and antics of the leftist parties. At this point, it looks as if the conservative government will get another majority in parliament.