Friday, February 07, 2014

Hungarian media laws

Excerpt from Aljezzera (


Owing to their commitment to diversity, Tilos and many other stations have set Hungary above the rest of the post-Soviet nations in the realm of community radio.

However, due to sweeping new media laws passed in 2010 by the nationalist-conservative Fidesz party and its two-thirds majority in parliament, that may soon come to an end.

The laws have redefined what it means to be a community radio station, imposed burdensome regulations and sanctions, as well as lengthened the application process for licences and changed the media landscape through the reallocation of broadcast frequencies and public funds. 


Editor's note: A recent article from the mainstream media news source Aljezzera regarding the new media laws passed in Hungary. The media laws were passed by the conservative government in 2010 when they came to power. The article focuses on Tilos Radio, which is a left-wing radio station. Tilos labels itself as "alternative" radio which usually means left-wing. 

Tilos and the left argue that the conservative Fidesz government only gives or renews media licenses to radio stations that are conservative or right-wing. They say that the government has not given or renewed licenses to left-wing stations in order to silence criticism. What the left doesn't mention is that many of the opposition radio stations close due to lack of funds.