Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Leftist hate graffiti

A few days ago in the Seventh District in Budapest, far leftists spray painted hate graffiti on the walls of various buildings. They targeted the buildings in the district that had offices of conservative or right-wing political parties. In one scene you can see a young Hungarian cleaning off the graffiti that was left on a wall near a conservative Fidesz office.  If you don't thing that the left is capable of hate, well here it is. I thought that they were supposed to be very tolerant and accepting of differences? The graffiti proves that they are not.

The graffiti in question shows someone throwing the Hungarian Holy Crown into a garbage bin. Usually this type of graffiti has an individual throwing either a swastika or communist star in the garbage to show that they are anti-Nazi or anti-communist. This is the first time I have seen one with a Hungarian Holy Crown being thrown into the garbage. This has all the trademarks of the far left as the Hungarian Holy Crown is a conservative Hungarian symbol that unites the people of Hungary. The Holy Crown is revered by a vast majority of people in Hungary. It was given back to Hungary in the 1970s by US President Jimmy Carter.

Only the far left would do such an idiotic thing as dishonour and disrespect the crown in such a manner. As we've mentioned in many previous posts on this blog site, the Hungarian left and especially the far left, hates anything that has to do with traditional Hungarian history or Christianity. The old Hungarian communist regime was notorious for being anti-Christian and often downplayed the significance of Hungarian historical artifacts such as the Holy Crown. This was done in order to suppress nationalism and make the Hungarian people forget who they were and where they came from. The communists in Hungary wanted the people to be "model" communist citizens with no religion or history. Like the Nazis, they wanted to create a "new" people that were perfect and loyal to the ruling political ideology.

The people who spray painted this graffiti are just as dangerous as the criminals who ran the communist regime in the Cold War. This is definitely a wake up call that there are those who are still loyal to the former far-left in Hungary. The graffiti is a reminder that these individuals will still do anything to destroy our traditional Christian society. Nearly forty years of communism has done a lot of damage to Hungarian society. We can only hope that the conservative Fidesz government reverses this and brings Hungary back to her traditional Christian roots. They are doing a good job so far but there is still a lot of work to do.