Thursday, January 03, 2013

Parliament guard controversy

As of January 1st of this new year, the new parliamentary guard of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest began their duty. These armed guards will ensure personal protection for the speaker of the parliament. The parliamentary guard will also protect the deputies' office building as well. The guard was established with the Parliament Act in April of 2012. The act strengthens the powers of the speaker of the parliament by allowing him/her to expel any deputy that creates disorder or makes offensive remarks. The parliamentary guard wear a green and black uniform that is similar to a traditional Hungarian military dress uniform.

The Hungarian left and far-left has already criticized the idea of having an armed guard that can remove law makers from parliament. Hungarian left-wing bloggers have already claimed that the uniforms of the parliamentary guard resemble the uniforms of the German army of World War Two. One thing the Hungarian left is good at is spreading fear and disinformation. They've been doing that ever since the conservative government was electing in Hungary back in 2010.

I've seen pictures of the uniforms and they don't look like German uniforms. Check the link at the bottom of this post to make up your own mind on the appearance of the uniform. The Hungarian left will do anything in their power to bash the conservative government of Hungary. Generally, the Hungarian left hates anything to do with Hungarian tradition or ceremony. In this day and age, I think that the parliamentary guard is necessary in order to promote a safe environment in the Parliament Building. Hungary is not immune from terrorist threats as it is a member of NATO. Besides, the uniforms of the parliamentary guard look pretty neat in my opinion!

For pictures on the new parliamentary guard, click here.