Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Defeat Orbán Viktor

Excerpt from reuters (www.reuters.com)

Bajnai has set out to build a broad opposition alliance and draft a new programme to help him oust Orban's ruling centre-right Fidesz party, which has become the strongest political force in the central European country's recent history.

"This government is not governing the country," Bajnai, 44, told Reuters in his first interview with the international press since announcing his coalition last month on the anniversary of Hungary's 1956 revolution.

"They are using their two-thirds majority to build a regime," he said in the interview late last week. "We have to organize a large, strong political centre of people of different values, ideologies who want to live in a normal developing European country and not one that is drifting away from Europe."

Editor's Note: A recent article by Reuters news source talking about the difficult task left-wing challenger Gordon Bajnai has to defeat Orbán Viktor's conservative government in the next national election. Bajnai wants to merge all the left-wing parties in Hungary against the conservative government in a unified front. He will have a difficult task as the left-wing political parties are not united and they often disagree with one other. 

In addition, the majority of polls conducted recently show that Orbán Viktor and his Fidesz party are very popular in Hungary. Gordon Bajnai is pro-European Union and many have pointed to the fact that he is supported by foreign globalist individuals.