Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Socialists still crying wolf

Crying wolf is an effective tactic when you are down in the polls.

It seems nowadays all the Hungarian left-wing can do is cry wolf in the attempts of scaring the general public to death. If it isn't the mainstream media then it is the left-wing political parties in Hungary doing it. The socialists (MSZP) were crushed in the 2010 national elections in Hungary. Their support is currently low and it looks like they won't go anywhere in the next election. They want to stop the democratization of Hungary and will do anything to defeat the conservative Orbán government.

The only thing the socialists can do is resort to crying wolf in order to score points with national and international opinion.  This tactic is getting a little old and at the same time becoming sickening to the people of Hungary. When the socialists are low in the polls, they will do anything that will support them politically, which includes lying about the situation in Hungary. The socialists and left-wing parties have been doing this ever since the conservative Fidesz government won a historic two-thirds majority in the 2010 national election.

Attila Mesterházy, the current leader of the socialists, has called on the European Union to intervene against the government's new voter registration plan. He called conservative government a "fascist" government and urged the EU to resist the transformation of Hungary into a "fascist state". According to Mesterházy, mandatory voter registration undermines democracy and practically introduces an "institutional dictatorship". Mesterházy was quoted as saying that "The European Union must not close its eyes and keep silent about another case of destroying lawfulness introduced by the Orbán government … preliminary registration is the materialisation of institutional dictatorship".

Mesterházy made these comments to the Italian paper L’Unitá in a recent interview. It has created a lot of backlash against him by conservatives and mainstream Hungarians. Many have now likened him to the old Hungarian communists who supported Soviet troops invading Hungary in 1956 and that were subservient to Moscow. Many Hungarians are upset that the left-wing opposition in Hungary is spreading blatant lies and falsehoods about the country and its government. The left-wing is constantly crying and complaining about looming fascism and antisemitism in their attempt to gain support both nationally and internationally.

The current Hungarian Socialist Party used to be the Communist Party.

It should be noted that up until the 1990s, the newspaper L’Unitá was the official daily newspaper of the Italian Communist Party. It is really no surprise that Mesterházy would make these comments to and have an interview with such as newspaper. The MSZP before the regime change in 1989, used to be the communist party. Many current politicians of the MSZP were card-carrying members of the Hungarian Communist Party not too long ago.

It is a little ironic that a political party that was once an oppressor during Cold War is now trying to be the champion of democracy in Hungary. For this reason alone, the socialists in Hungary lack all credibility and respect. The Hungarian people know how the socialists operate and are fed up with their antics. We can be sure that the socialists and the left-wing will continue "crying wolf" as their popularity continues to spiral downwards into the abyss. This tactic will eventually come back and haunt the left-wing when Hungarians go to the polls in 2014 to re-elect the conservative Fidesz government.