Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EU attacks traditional family

Childbirth rates are at an all time low in European member states.

The European Union is showing its true face once again by attempting to ban the book The Famous Five. The book portrays the traditional role of women caring for their children and the men going to work to support their families. Apparently, this book does not sit well with the EU. According to the politically correct masters in Brussels, reinforcing traditional roles can contribute to gender stereotyping and these traditional style of stories can damage women's career opportunities. The supporters of the banning of the book also want EU-wide legislation on the way women are portrayed in advertising for children's television shows. Talk about brainwashing and programing minds while they are in their infancy!

Wasn't book banning and book burning a characteristic of totalitarian states? This is a dangerous path that the EU wants to follow by banning things that don't agree with their beliefs. It is a well-known fact that the EU is a far-left political organization and their move to bring down the traditional family unit is really no big surprise. They have shown their distaste for Christianity in the past by trying to remove it from everyday life. The EU seems to be attacking or trying to remove anything that is "traditional" in Western society. This attack on the traditional family by the EU is really a move to destroy Western civilization. If they want women to focus on their careers rather than starting a family, how will the different European cultures continue without children being born? 

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