Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hungarian hater to leave

The Hungarian hater Dániel Péter has just announced that he will be leaving Hungary to live in Israel for a long period of time. Péter said that he will move to Tel Aviv to learn Hebrew and find a job with the Israeli army. This YouTube video shows him demonstrating against the recent Horthy memorial in Budapest. You can feel the hate and anger the man has when he is giving his speech in this video. He had dedicated all of his energies in protesting against Hungarian nationalist figures and those who stand up for Hungary.

Dániel Péter is a lawyer by profession and has now suspended his membership with the Hungarian Bar Association in light of his departure. He is a well-known Ferenc Gyurcsány sympathizer and a supporter of the left-wing in Hungary. Péter vandalized a statue of Admiral Horthy in the town of Kereki earlier this year by pouring red paint all over it. He then took photos of himself afterwards to gloat at what he had done.

Péter is a very controversial figure in Hungary and is well-known for his anti-Hungarian rhetoric and views. He has often targeted and demonstrated against Hungarian conservatives and patriots in the past. Many Hungarians can be relieved that this extremist is now leaving Hungary for good. They will not have to see the likes of him hopefully ever again. The Hungarian left-wing claims to be the most tolerant of people and things, but they can actually be the most intolerant. Goodbye and good luck Dániel, Hungarians will not miss you and don't let the door hit you on the way out!