Saturday, November 03, 2012

A call for help

Free Hungarian radio during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 had repeatedly called for help up until the last moments of the conflict. Many believed that the Americans and western allies would come to help Hungary defeat the Soviets and liberate her. Little did the freedom fighters know that the Americans decided not to get involved because Hungary was in the Soviet "sphere of influence".

America did not want to risk a nuclear war over the Hungarian Revolution and basically let the Soviets handle it. On top of that, the Suez Crisis occurred in late October at the same time as the revolution. The Suez Crisis captured the attention of countries like America, Britain and France. The Suez Canal was deemed to be far more important than the freedom and liberty of the Hungarian people.

Announcers at free Hungarian radio continued to call for help up until the very last moments as almost 2,000 Soviet tanks attacked the capital. In this video, you can hear the audio of the announcers continuing to call for help from President Eisenhower. They also say that the Soviet tanks are attacking Budapest and that they are continuing to fight. Many Hungarians to this very day believe that the West sold them out to the Soviets by not coming to help them in their time of need.

Even in the darkest hour of the revolution, Hungarians resisted and fought to the bitter end against overwhelming odds. The Hungarian people would have to continue to endure over 30 more years of communism after the 1956 Revolution.