Friday, September 14, 2012

Dangerous thinking...

Excerpt from The Telegraph (

Europe must become 'federation of states', Barroso says.

The president of the European Commission called for the EU to be turned into a "federation of nation states" in a sweeping demand for countries to surrender more sovereignty and move towards full integration.

In a speech to the European Parliament, the head of the bloc's executive, President Jose Manuel Barroso, said he was not calling for a European "superstate", but said the EU would always be less than the sum of its parts unless the union was deepened.

Editor's Note: Now you see the truth face of the European Union! Barroso, who is a former communist, is showing his true colours. The European Union used to be strictly an economic union of sovereign and independent European nations. Decades later, we now see that the European Union wants to strip the economic and political sovereignty of its "member states". This is extremely dangerous as democratic practices are being disregarded by the EU. 

Many of the most significant positions in the EU are unelected. The EU has also disregarded referendums in its member states such as the one in Ireland just a couple of years ago. Year after year, the EU is looking more and more undemocratic and this is cause for concern. They are now going against everything the EU was founded upon originally.