Monday, October 08, 2012

Why they fought...

The original 12 points printed in 1848.

The 12 points were a list of demands written by the leaders of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. The 12 points and Sándor Petőfi's Nemzeti dal were read by revolutionaries to the crowds of Budapest on the morning of March 15, 1848. This would start the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.


What the Hungarian nation wants.

Let there be peace, liberty, and concord.
  1. We wish freedom of the press, the abolition of censorship.
  2. A responsible government in Buda-Pest.
  3. Annual national assembly in Pest.
  4. Civil and religious equality before the law.
  5. National guard army.
  6. Distribution of [tax] burdens.
  7. Abolition of socage. [land tenure].
  8. Juries and representation on an equal basis.
  9. A national bank.
  10. The army must swear to support the constitution, our soldiers must not be dispatched abroad, foreign soldiers must be removed from our soil.
  11. The freeing of political prisoners.
  12. Union [with Transylvania].
Equality, Freedom, Brotherhood!