Monday, October 22, 2012

Jobbik rally promo

The right-wing nationalist political party Jobbik will be holding a rally on the anniversary of the beginning of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. On October 23rd, Jobbik will commemorate the 1956 revolution in downtown Budapest at Deák Square. From there, they will march to the building of the Hungarian Radio. This video is a short promo of the planned commemoration and march. October the 23rd will see other rallies and commemorations by the different political parties in Hungary. 

The Fidesz government is planning to hold anther Peace March on this day. The first Peace March in support of the government earlier this year drew over 400,000 people. The Hungarian left-wing is planning a rally as well to be organized by the “One Million for the Freedom of the Press” association. It is expected that their rally will draw about 30 to 40 thousand people. October the 23rd is a very significant day for all Hungarians and judging by all the different rallies and commemorations, it will be very political too.