Monday, October 22, 2012

Jobbik demonstration in Miskolc

The right-wing nationalist political party Jobbik lead a demonstration against Roma (gypsy) crime in the city of Miskolc last week. The city of Miskolc has seen a high rate of crime in recent years. A few years ago, the police chief of the city stated the obvious that much of the violent crime in the city was perpetrated by the Roma minority. Due to political correctness, he was removed from his position for speaking the truth on the matter. The police chief was eventually put back into his position. 

The demonstration ended peacefully even though a small group of Roma (500 people) showed up to counter-protest. About 50 or so left-wing counter protesters who support the former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány showed up as well demanding peace and co-existence. There were reports that the police were harassing and preventing Jobbik demonstrators from getting to the demonstration site in Miskolc. They were held up and questioned by police in the city in the attempt of preventing them from getting to the demonstration in time. Many within the police force quietly support the demonstrators and their protest against violent crime in the city but can't openly express it for the fear of losing their job.

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