Friday, September 14, 2012

"Federation of nation states"

Here is the speech that European Commission President José Manuel Barroso delivered on September 12th. It was the State of the Union speech for the European Union. He was pleading for a major transformation of the EU into what he called a "federation of nation states". He uses the recent economic crisis in the EU as a reason for this new federation. Conservatives, nationalists and libertarians now have a huge cause for concern after hearing Barroso's intentions.

Barroso's new vision of the European federation is extremely troubling and disturbing as he wants the EU member states to surrender more economic and political sovereignty. It amounts to more centralization and regulations. The EU is now clearly a threat to the sovereignty and independence of the democratic nations of Europe. Only a few have seen this coming in the recent past and tried to warn others about the true intentions of the EU. Is it now too late to act before this behemoth devours the independent nations of Europe?