Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Communist Béla Biszku arrested

Excerpt from BBC News website (bbc.co.uk)

A former interior minister of Hungary, Bela Biszku, who oversaw the crushing of the 1956 revolution, has been arrested on suspicion of war crimes. He is the first of the 1956 Communist leadership to face a criminal inquiry.

Mr Biszku, 90, is accused of failing to protect civilians in wartime, and of responsibility for ordering security forces to open fire on crowds. He denies the charges, for which he could face a life sentence. Prosecutors want him put under house arrest.

"Today...prosecutors have detained and heard as a suspect Bela Biszku, one of the key designers and one of those responsible for the reprisals that followed the 1956 revolution and uprising," said Budapest's acting chief prosecutor, Tibor Ibolya.

Editor's Note: This is the first high profile arrest of a communist official in Hungary for crimes during the communist era. Unfortunately, the arrest comes a little late as all of the former communist officials are now dead. If he is convicted, it will be some justice for the victims and survivors of communism in Hungary.