Monday, September 10, 2012

Maoists beat old man

It seems that this old man was beaten for criticizing Mao at a meeting of Maoists who held a gathering in memory of Mao's death. Chairman Mao died 36 years ago. Apparently the gathering was banned by the Chinese government so the Maoists gathered under a bridge. It seems the old man they are beating in the video was a victim during Mao's era. 

Tens of millions of Chinese are now believed to have been killed by Mao in the 20th century. Some now peg the figure at around 60 million. Unfortunately, there are still some who still believe in Chairman Mao even decades after his death. There is a similar situation in Hungary where some still believe that the old communist system was better for Hungarians. 

These individuals still hold important posts in Hungarian society such as judge positions in the judicial system or are active political party members in the Hungarian Socialist Party. They are sympathetic to and now support the current globalist movement which is similar to communism in that it is an internationalist movement that wants to destroy the nation states of the world.