Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jobbik office burns

The head office of the right-wing nationalist party Jobbik was vandalized and set on fire. The windows of the building where the office is located was spit on and the locks of the building were damaged. The overall damage to the building was minimal after a quick response by firefighters. A Jobbik spokesmen said that these types of actions against them will not intimidate them and that they will continue their work.

There has been a rash of vandalism against right-wing and nationalist plaques and statues in recent months across the country. The vandals are undoubtedly from the elements of the far-left who seek to intimidate Hungarian citizens who don't agree with their "politics". Jobbik stills enjoys sizable support from the Hungarian population. The latest poll shows that among decided voters, Jobbik enjoys 20 percent support.

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