Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hungarian nationalists march

Hungarians nationalists of the 64 Counties Youth Movement (Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom) marched to protest the Treaty of Trianon in Budapest. The march was held on the anniversary of the treaty which was yesterday, June 4th. The nationalist organization marches yearly on the anniversary of the treaty. The movement comprises of members who are under the age of thirty. The movement has members who live in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries. It seeks to restore the borders of the old Kingdom of Hungary.

Some of its members have been banned from entering neigbouring countries as they are seen as potential trouble makers with officials. In addition, members have been assaulted and arrested by foreign police forces. The Canadian Government banned the chairman of the organization, László Toroczkai, from entering Canadian back in 2008 due to leftist pressure on the Canadian Government. He was labelled as a "potential terrorist" and as a "threat" to Canadian national security. Toroczkai was set to speak at various Hungarian cultural houses in Canada (Toronto, Montreal). Regardless, of the intimidation of harassment of the left-wing and by governments, the movement continues in its activities and recruits new members.