Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The shame of Trianon

The anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon was held yesterday. The government of Hungary declared June 4th, a day of national unity in remembrance of the shameful dictate. It is often called a "treaty" but in fact it was a "dictate" forced by the allies of World War One (Triple Entente). Hungary was punished the most at the end of WWI, by losing two-thirds of her territories and had millions of ethnic Hungarians locked behind "new" foreign borders.

The Treaty of Trianon was highly unfair to Hungary as other Central powers didn't have such a harsh punishment placed on them. Germany, Austria and Bulgaria were forced to pay war reparations and lost some territories but not to the extent that Hungary did. A majority of Hungarians see this as an unjust act that sought to destroy the Hungarian nation and her people. Even after almost one hundred years after this shameful act, Hungarians inside and outside of Hungary are calling for justice.