Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hungarians will never forget!

Hungarians all over Hungary participated in various events marking the anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon yesterday. June the 4th has now been designated as the National Day of Unity in remembrance of Trianon. There were various speeches, marches and gatherings marking this unfair dictate on Hungary. Hungarians will never forget nor forgive those countries that actively plotted the dismemberment of Hungary. The Treaty of Trianon was meant to cripple Hungary forever. No other country suffered as much as Hungary did when it came to the punishment inflicted by the Entente powers when World War One ended.

France was the country that wanted Hungary dismembered and crippled, never to rise again to her old glory. France rewarded Romania with the largest part of the old Kingdom as well as nearly 2 million ethnic Hungarians. Other parts of the old kingdom went to Slovakia, Serbia, Austria and Ukraine. Hungary lost in total about 3 million ethnic Hungarians to new neighbouring countries. The new redrawn borders did not take into account ethnic enclaves or areas of ethnic Hungarians. This was done totally on purpose by the victors of World War One.

Much of Hungary's natural resources were lost as well. Hungary's coal, mining and timber industries were now in foreign hands. These resource-rich areas are now in modern day Romania and Slovakia. Hungary today is now natural resource poor because of Trianon. The architects of the Treaty of Trianon didn't know or didn't care that the consequences of the effects of the treaty would last until today. Hungarians have shown the world that we have a long memory. It is almost one hundred years since Trianon, and Hungarians continue to protest this injustice. We will never forget, nor forgive. We will have justice one day!