Wednesday, May 02, 2012

President Áder János

Editor's Note: The video is in the Hungarian language

Áder János was sworn in today as the president of Hungary in the Hungarian Parliament. This comes after Pál Schmitt resigned as Hungarian president after a plagiarism scandal a couple of weeks ago. This plagiarism was initiated by left-wing parties in Hungary. Áder János was the ruling conservative party's (Fidesz) choice to replace Pál Schmitt. The left-wing parties in the Hungarian Parliament did not show up for today's event, as Áder János became president.

They did not approve of the choice of Áder becoming president so they boycotted. They believed him to be too conservative for the role. Áder was one of the earliest leaders of the Fidesz party. The funny thing is that there have been left-wing Hungarian presidents in the last two decades, but the left-wing did not complain then. Regardless, democracy is still alive in Hungary and a new president has been chosen. We wish President Áder János all the best. God bless Hungary!