Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Comrade Barroso!

Just in time for May Day, the celebration of the worker and the international proletariat. May I present you, comrade Barosso. Yes, this is José Manual Durão Barroso, the current president of the European Commission. I know that many people do stupid things in their lives when they are young. But I believe in the motto that says "once an extremist, always an extremist". In this video, you can see when Barroso was a young university student in Portugal. The mid-1970s were turbulent times in Portugal, as a long-term dictator was deposed, creating political tension in the country.

In this clip, you can see a young Barroso being interviewed for a TV show in 1976. In the interview, Barroso shares his Maoist (communist) beliefs with the interviewer. Mao Zedong's brutal Chinese communist regime killed tens of millions people. I've never supported left or right-wing extremists, as I believe that they are lunatics who only represent a small fraction of any society. You can only imagine the reaction if a right-wing extremist became the EU Commission president. I guess that it is only fit to wish comrade Barroso a happy May Day...