Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video: Mr. Hungary music video

The video above is from the Kerekes Band. Kerekes Band is a Hungarian "magyar funk" group that was formed in 1995. The video is called "Mr. Hungary" and highlights the various stereotypes of Hungarian men. It features an attractive Hungarian man enjoying himself and chilling out on a beach. He is also getting very intoxicated from all the pálinka that he is drinking. He also skims through "skin" magazines and propositions girls on the beach. Does this remind you of any of your Hungarian male friends?

The lyrics:

Aahhh. On the beach with a lot of beautiful women.
Sunshine music ohh and the ohh yeah.
And the song is dedicated to everybody. To Laci, Peti and Sanyi you know.

One more drink Lacikám?

One more drink Lacikám.

One more drink Lacikám?

I feel good. I feel really good.

You know what I mean.

Nothing wrong Sanyi.
Vidd már innen azt a napernyőt! Yeah.

Hi baby! I would like to say something to you like you know...I'm from Hungary.
I'm from Hungary. Yeah, I'm from Hungary you know.

Yeah, I'm from Hungary.
You know Puskás, puszta, paprika.
What about the pálinka?
You know what I'm talking about?
Are you happy? If you are happy I'm happy.
But please, call me simply Mr. Hungary.
Please, call me simply Mr. Hungary. Mr. Hungary.

Band: Kerekes Band
Song: "Mr. Hungary"